Question. . . . .
    What is a !Deferred Archiving Exception ?

Answer. . . . .
A !Deferred Archiving Exception happens when a document is being filed permanently,
and the archive medium is not ready.
Usually this is caused by your DVD-RAM drive not being ready.
By not ready, it can be that the VOLUME disk is full, the wrong disk is in the drive, (DUPE)
or simply that no disk is in the drive.

When this happens, DocSTAR realizes that it can not write the document out to the drive
at this time, so for convenience, it creates a !Deferred Archiving Exceptions Folder, and
places a copy of the document into this folder to assist you in properly completing the
archiving process. It also creates an Event in the Log and sets your Host light to RED.

After correcting the issue with the DVD not being ready, please follow these steps to return the documents.
Please check the How do I manually change the Archive Disk Volume Number? page for more information.

1.    At the DocSTAR Host Desktop Screen, Log On as ADMIN

2.    Click on the RETRIEVE button.
3.    Click on the BROWSE tab at the top of the screen.
4.    In the left hand folders column, SINGLE LEFT CLICK on the !Deferred Archiving Exceptions folder just to highlight it.

5.    Up on the top toolbar SINGLE LEFT CLICK on the word FILE, and then on the SHOW INFO button.

6.    A screen as show below will appear.
                    SINGLE LEFT CLICK on the YES button to return the documents to the !Deferred Archiving Queue.

7.    You will receive a simple message box of "Finished." with an OK button.
                    Please SINGLE LEFT CLICK on the OK button.

8.    SINGLE LEFT CLICK on the CLOSE button at the lower right of the screen.   

9.    Your documents should be filed out in a few minutes.

10.    Also remember to check the Event log to clear the !Deferred Archiving event, and to reset your Host Light to Green.


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